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Tips in Replacing a Car Window or a Side Mirror 

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A car’s windshield is made up of laminated glass for safety reasons, these only cracks on impact but still remains intact. While for the windows of your doors, they are made of tampered, heat treated glass that is designed to shatter into many pieces when smashed by a hard object. In that way, it protects the passenger and the driver from major harm. Side mirrors are also prone to damage since they are protruding on the side often smack into a narrow opening in garage or a mailbox at the gate. 

 Car Window

Keep your car protected from further damage 

If your car has shattered window, your car’s interior will be exposed to rain and much worst if a thief got any valuables left in your car. If you can’t have your window replaced or repaired right away, it’s always ideal to cover the window of your car using a plastic garbage until you’ll have it repaired in an auto glass repair shop. And here are some ideas before you do that. 

  • First is to check on your local police department if it is legal to cover your broken window with a plastic and still drive until you can find a repair shop for your window. 
  • From the inside, put the plastic bag above the hole in your window and grip it tight to attach the bag to both sides of the window frame. 
  • Put a new layer of duct tape on the frame of the window for reinforcement. 
  • Tap the plastic covered window from the outside to test if it holds 
  • Tape the plastic bag in the middle until the whole window are being covered with the duct tape, this if you want to have an extra strong hold.  

Side mirror damage  

The importance of side-view mirrors is for safe driving as they let your cars beside and behind your vehicle. It’s a very good help in showing what is actually in the blind spot. The Side view mirrors are normally mounted on the driver side and on the passenger’s side doors or sometimes on fenders and because they are stick out, they’re getting damaged easily in a collision with fixed objects like mailboxes or other cars. 

In most states, it is required to have two mirrors that is providing you a view behind, consider your inside rear-view mirror as one. While it may be legal technically, to drive with no one of your side-view mirrors, it’s still not safe. And in fact, you will not be surprised if an officer pulls you over if he notices a missing or a damaged mirror. So as soon as possible, it is best that you have your damaged mirror fixed as quickly as possible. 

DIY vs the repair shop 

Replacing door glass and side-view mirrors are doable even by you, it can be an intimidating job to a DIYer because both replacements require specific tools and also for the removal of the door panel. Not only that, you also have to look for a source and buy replacement window glass or a new mirror housing. To find out more about what’s needed and the steps involved, visit Techna Glass Grand Junction. 

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Common Church Advertising Mistakes 

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Your church is doing advertising, whether you recognize it or not – the announcement from the podium about your new organization, the Facebook post about the approaching sermon series, or the front sign of your church. All of these are samples of church advertising. Of course, your church would grow quickly if the ads are great.

It is really significant to prevent mistakes when it comes to marketing your church. Here are some of the common mistakes people do when advertising their church: 

1. Weak Social-Networking Site Tactic 

You must ask yourself whenever you are making a social-networking approach – “What’s my church trying to obtain with social media?” Are you planning to develop a huge group of followers who utilize the resources you have made or watch your sermons without attending physically? Are you planning to interact with your own congregants? Are you planning to raise your local church? 

2. No Email List 

According to several studies, if you have 2,000 email subscribers, 2,000 Twitter followers, and 2,000 Facebook fans, when you message all of them: 

436 individuals would read your email 

120 Facebook fans would see your message 

40 Twitter followers would read your message 

3. No Visitor Game Plan 

You require a strategic plan for getting your visitors to return, obtaining their details, and making them feel welcome. Nobody loves to visit a new church to feel like they are not invited there.  

It begins at the time they pull into your parking lot. A parking-lot attendant or a clear signage could help make sure that the visitors do not have to walk from the back of the parking lot or look for an area to park.  

4. Failure to Market your Sermon Series 

Sermon series could be a significant attraction. You spend many effort and time making sermon series concepts that would entice individuals both outside and inside your church. However, you are missing out a great chance if you aren’t advertising those beforehand. 

There are a lot of possible methods that you could advertise your sermon series – direct mailing, invitation cards, send emails, buy signage and banners, create a page on your site, and endorse it on social media.  

5. Neglecting Local SEO 

Try to imagine a person has recently transferred to your town and they are searching for a church. What should you do first? There is a high possibility that the person is searching “churches near me” on Google. Google ranks the churches in your location based on local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a big mistake if you don’t improve your local SEO or even neglect learning it. 

6. Forgetting Word of Mount 

Word of mouth is an ideal marketing. Nothing impacts the decision of a person like hearing a suggestion from a family member or friend. It is an error to not think about the methods you could put ads to work for you. Interact with the community. People will talk about you if you do good for them.  

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Forgo Appliance Repair With These Straightforward Maintenance Approach 

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It is not a secret that appliance replacement or repairs are certified wallet killer. But living in an era where we hail our home appliances as sole savers from daily household tasks, it could be crazy and at the same time frightening to face a sudden scenario if one of them stop working. 

Forgo Appliance Repair

It is expected for the appliances to break down they have estimated lifespan and not likely to function infinite. And unfortunately, when they begin to get twisted the only choice you have is to go for repair or start a fresh with a new appliance. But for the mean time while your home appliances are fully functional and giving you no signs of trouble yet, read on and follow the guidelines which you can perform at home to forgo repair and help you save time, money and stress coupled with the inopportune appliance breakdowns. Here’s the rapid-fire preservation that will not just help avoid repair but also improve your appliances performance.   


Often make sure your dryer’s lint screen is clean every time you use it. This is actually a vital step as you need to perform this to keep away from creating fire hazard. And to get rid of the chances of having a dyer fire you need to ensure you clean out the inner part of the appliance and do a schedule check for vent at least once per week. If in any unfortunate case when your dryer begins to fail working there are a lot of dryer repair to check out. Also, it would be best if you will invest some money and time to get the vent vacuumed at least once a year.    

Washing Machine  

Before tossing you washing machine for a wash cycle be sure to check your clothing and clear all the pockets. Unfortunately leaving coins, pens, lighters and other items placed into your laundry can in fact harm the washing machine’s pump causing you to search for a reliable appliance repair sooner than you imagine. In addition to this, make sure by no means overload the machine. While it is true that under loading squander energy and lessen the amount of tumbling and scrubbing your washer will produce, however overloading is most awful.  

It is really enticing to heave hampers and hampers of soiled clothing into your washing machine all at the same time but it can really be damaging, off-balanced and heavy loads can in fact wreck the internal components of you washing machine. And this may result to costly repair or replacement later on. Same goes with dishwashers and dryers.   


Cleaning the condenser as often as possible will keep your refrigerator in good working condition and can prevent your refrigerator to break down out of the blue. Condensers usually get clogged up with animal hair and dust. When the condenser is filthy the compressor tends to work overtime, and this normally results to overheating. Five minutes cleaning of weekly maintenance   would keep your fridge in good condition and could extend its lifespan. 

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